It is essential to test new ideas in a real-world environment to understand if changes and improvements are effective and attractive. Observing readership through our published prototype - Ingredients Magazine – gives us the ability to do just that. Analysis of readership trends tells us everything we need to know about how readers use online magazines.

We have chosen PIWIK as our tool for observing readership. Since March of 2012, PIWIK has effectively provided Custom Electric Publishing page-by-page tracking in real time without complications or down time. It offers custom settings for statistical information, reports on visiting devices, browsers, IP location, IP address, and multiple time stamp functions, all with the most user friendly functions of any analytical tool available. Plus, it's passive - so your readers will not be spooked. PIWIK is free to download, reliable, seldom upgrades, and only takes us 6 hours to set up.

Custom Electric Publishing presents to publishers a new framework in which to publish custom page layouts on the Internet.

On the right you will see data commonly reported in many analytic services. If you look to the top of the page you will see data that was crucial to our research.

Accurate reports on devices, screen sizes, visiting browsers, and which search engines are providing traffic led us to many questions to which the framework was adapted.

Piwik provides a large variety of statistical data that is useful for analyzing readership trends in both real-time and historical reports.

First and foremost, our purpose is to advance online publishing.

Being able to quietly observe our readership in real-time allows us to gauge the effect that new research has on actual readers.

We can test new ideas and take risk to develop amazing advances in the visual presentation of your magazines layouts, faster production times, and fast page loads with build it once universal compatibility.