Custom Electric Publishing offers development, research, and production services for online magazines and websites.

Specializing in rich interactive layouts that emulate the design of print magazines, we also offer time saving production methods with reliable build-it-once framework.

Sample our prototype's 15th issue and recent projects, both completed and in progress.

Custom Electric Publishing's newly developed framework took nearly 3 years to build. It was a tall goal to make a webpage not only universally compatible, but also to break many rules when it came to design and production efficiency.

We set out to give publishers the same design freedom that you have with Photoshop. "Why can’t you just draw your web pages?" was the question we asked. Over 4 years we have tested and refined our methods to offer you a new design "language" that allows creation without limits.

Challenge us with the layout that you know will change your online magazine. CEP's new framework allows instant creation of precision designed web pages, providing creation without limits. CEP creates your composition, draft, and digital sample before any commitment or financial obligations. So go ahead, see what CEP's research and development can do for you.