CEP is the only company that can offer you custom spot animation, because we invented it! Our design language - Layered Web Page Framework - allows for overlapping layers of rotating images that are individually timed for unique animation effects.

These individual layers are quick loading, will never cause any computer, tablet or mobile device to crash, and have been refined to offer predictable results.

With spot animated ads, advertisers get the freedom to list multiple products with corresponding links to their website and to create large, visually stunning ads that entice readers to interact.

Whether your publication is consumer or trade, advertising revenue is crucial to the success of your online magazine. Creative and flexible advertising layouts will be the key to motivating advertisers toward online publishing advertising, and also increase interaction with your readership.

Custom Electric Publishing creates unique layouts that will make your advertising space the most interactive and successful for online magazine publishing.

Do you have an ad you would like for CEP to build for you? Put us to the test and see how your designs can be complimented with CEP's custom Layered Web Page Framework.