Use our framework to design a one-of-a-kind website with all the features you want and need.

Though developed originally for online magazine publishing, CEP’s methods can be applied to create any and every website.

CEP makes publishing online fast and easy, just as you expect from your hard copy printer. Email us the pages of your magazine in a layered format, and we set your content into custom made digital plates. Afterwards, we send you a proof and await approval.

Meeting your online magazines publishing goals and deadlines are made simple with Custom Electric Publishing.

Increase web traffic and advertising revenue by putting your magazine archives online. CEP publishes archives from digital backups or by digitally reproducing printed copies of back issues. Our ability to recreate printed material digitally sets CEP apart from any other web design or archival service currently available.

Digital archiving creates lucrative advertising opportunities & can be produced quickly and accurately.

Create unique web pages in minutes, make edits and design changes in seconds. All with a user friendly interface that only requires a day or so to learn. No coding experience required.

Custom Electric Publishing’s Layered Web Page Framework delivers an authentic print magazine reading experience by optimizing traditional print design and function for the online environment.

Traditional print design standards combined with our technology and ingenuity will make your online magazine a truly unique, content - producing competitor on the internet.

Literally draw your web pages, without creative limits.